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Arena RAID Systems

Arena RAID systems are produced by MaxTronic International Co. Ltd, a leading Taiwanese company involved exclusively with data storage since 1995. As an approved reseller ANS has more than five years in-depth experience of Arena systems.


Nova Professional Series

Form 8G FC 10GiSCSI 6G SAS Expand with
2U 24-bay 20S/R
26S/R, 27S
34S/34R, 44S/44R
3U 16-bay 30S/R
36S/R, 37S
34S/34R, 44S/44R
4U 24-bay 40S/R
46S/R, 47S
34S/34R, 44S/44R

Nova Entry Series

Form   1G iSCSI 6G SAS Expand with
2U 24-bay   29S/R
26S/R, 27S
34S, 44S
3U 16-bay   39S/R
36S/R, 37S
34S, 44S
4U 24-bay   49S/R
46S/R, 47S
34S, 44S

Janus II Series

Form 4G FC 1G iSCSI 3G SAS Expand with
2U 24-bay TS-4801E/R
    6692E/R, 8892E/R
2U 12-bay SS-4501E/R
6692E/R, 8892E/R
3U 16-bay SS-6601E/R
6692E/R, 8892E/R
4U 24-bay SS-8801E/R
6692E/R, 8892E/R

Janus Series

2U 6-bay   SA-4240S
2U 8-bay   SA-4340S
2U 12-bay   SA-4540S
3U 16-bay   SA-6640S
Tower 8-bay   SA-3340S
Tower 4-bay     SA-3187S


Management Utility Overview

Robust, yet friendly to use utility for manage Arena RAID storage solutions, and make it easy to integrate with the 3rd party hardware or software applications.

The management interfaces designed specifically for the markets and products we serve, to be assured that the storage strategy synchronize with your business application. The feature-rich, simple to manage interface help users setup, monitor or allocate storage resource, and / or integrate with host or 3rd party service.

RAIDGuard Central
The RAIDGuard Central is an easy-to-use, centralised management utility whichhelps users to detect andmanage all the alert message and event logs generated from Arena RAID systems. PathGuard builds multiple I/O paths from host server to virtual disks in Arena RAID systems. I/O can be dynamically distributed over the paths so as utilise all possible bandwidth. Global-Net is a standalone graphic user interface RAID management application design for some legacy Arena products. It is OS-independent, cross-platform RAID management application whichallows remote configuration and monitoring of RAID systems directly connected to a LAN.



Enterprise Solutions

Today’s enterprise are facing the growing need to store and secure there critical data long-term and assuring it remains highly available for disaster recovery and in a cost-effective, easily scalable environment. The biggest challenges companies face with storage management today are the complexity of managing different operation systems, how to make a full storage utilization, and the need to support RAID Storage and data protection requirements at remote and branch offices. <more>

Digital Content

The content creation industry is shifting to an all digital world in which not only content is created and stored digitally but is also driven for high-bandwidth distribution. This shift is taking place all across the industry of all intermediate facilities. MaxTronic specializes in DAS, SAN, which are the key elements for the creating and storing of post, film and broadcast markets. The SAN ready solutions tailored for multi-streams, multi-clients, uncompressed SD/HD/2K real time production workflow. Support multiple users, to store stream massive HD content and fulfill the needs of unpredictable capacity growth. The DAS solutions react on the need for performance and cost concern for small to mid-sized production house and perfectly match the trend to archive the content digitally. <more>


The demand for storage capacity to record Video Surveillance image is growing at an unprecedented rate driven by increasing high resolution cameras and longer data retention polices.

In recent years, video surveillance has shifted from analogue to digital data archiving; which recording streams via digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) to external storages with RAID features data protection.

Furthermore, critical record would request infrastructure like storage area network (SAN) to achieve performance, scalability and reliability. Arena offers a complete range of DAS/SAN solutions to meet the critical requirement of modern video surveillance application; various features are tailored for it and various configurations can fulfill different demand. <more>

Data Features

Date Features

MaxTronic understand how important a company’s digital asset are; that’s why we strive to deliver the storage solutions with sophisticated features to protect the data stored in our RAID systems.

Various RAID Level
Support RAID levels 1, 3, 5, and 6 to provide redundancy in the event of a failed drive, and sustained read performance even in degraded mode. On some of the products there even have feature which allows 3 disks failure. (RAID level overview)

Array Recovery
The system provides an Array Recovery Utility that can aid a user in the event of multiple drive failures corrupting the RAID array of a Logical Disk and/or volumes. The feature enables users to recover lost disk members of a Disk Group, and will automatically recover Logical Disks and Volumes.

On-line Array Roaming
Array member disks have recorded specific identifications, so when a RAID system or controller becomes faulty, this function provides an easy way to get the data back online by just moving the member disks to a same model working RAID system.

SMARTCor. Functions
SMARTCor. Functions SMARTCor. is embedded F/W feature which include 3 functions mainly for disks’ bad sectors monitoring and correction.

- DST (Disk Self Test) DST is used to test the health situation of disks which installed in the RAID system. Prior to DST a user would have to remove disks individually and run a vendor proprietary disk utility in a separate host computer. DST predicts the likelihood of near-term HDD degradation of fault condition in advance. DST performs write test, servo analysis and read scan test on the disks.

- DS (Disk Scrubbing) DS can scan for bad sectors and/or parity errors in a RAID array. Allows the RAID controller to reconstruct bad sectors from other sectors and re-assign it to an undamaged area. At the same time it also detects parity inconsistency; users can decide whether or not to overwrite inconsistent parity. DS is a proactive approach to address data integrity; to maintain the RAID system in a good condition.

- DC (Disk Clone) This function automatically copy data to spare disk before the faltering disk identified as failed by RAID system. It could be configured to trigger by the following conditions:
• Over bad block threshold of disk.
• Detect SMART warning from disk. DC helps to prevent a rebuild from ever occurring while disk failures which cause the unit in degraded mode.

LUN Masking
LUN (Logical Unit Number) Masking is an authorization process that makes a LUN available to some hosts and unavailable to other hosts. LUN Masking is implemented primarily at the HBA level. LUN Masking implemented at this level is vulnerable to any attack that compromises the HBA. LUN Masking support by storage is important because Windows based servers attempt to write volume labels to all available LUN's. This can render the LUN's unusable by other operation systems and can result in data loss.

The snapshot is done by embedded F/W, without the needs to install any application on the server. The array based, block level snapshot function would leverage the computing power of the RAID system; it is host-independent, and application-independent. The shot data could be restored by using snapshot restore function. With the snapshot a data image can be rolled back to a previous snapshot immediately, help user to resume applications without waiting for data restore from backup media.

Remote Replication
Remote Replication deploys snapshot technology with full data copies through volume mirror/copy. The target volume created through volume mirror can be constantly synced with source volume. When a data volume fatally fails, the copy constantly synced can be rolled back for quick recovery. These functions are ideal for applications needed immediately data availability.

Embedded F/W feature to support SED (Self-Encrypting Drive), the drives are embedded with encryption ASIC and encryption key, to encrypt/decrypt data write/read to the drives automatically. The MaxSure include 2 functions:
• Instant Secure Erase
• Authentication Key Management
The “MaxSure” integrated with SED would prevent unauthorized access while drives are retired, stolen, return for warranty or repurposed.

Symmetric Active-Active Redundancy
The Nova series implement Symmetric active-active controller redundancy mechanism ease management of the IT environment and improve efficiency. Help to simplify configuration on VMware clustered environments by eliminating the need to select a preferred path. There is no additional path management utility needed to manage multiple paths and load balance for operating systems already embedded MPIO.