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iSCSI Application for NVR

With the growth of IP Camera in Video Surveillance, the digital video recorder have moved to Network Video Recorder (NVR), thus traditional CCTV integrators and users start to accommodate the network environment which are not familiar with before. Arena's iSCSI storage is a best fit for IP video surveillance, to help to store the large volumes of video images captured by IP camera.

By using the iSCSI RAID with NVR , the IP cameras files would store into the iSCSI storage safely. The benefits of using iSCSI solution are.

Flexible Capacity of Video Data storing and Backup
The RAID System could extend its capacity through adding a new iSCSI RAID into the network switch or directly expand the drives by cascading to a JBOD (up to 118 drives). Finally, the user can set up a complex network environment with hundreds of cameras (In normal situation, one NVR is supported up to 16 to 32 cameras only) to share all video from one big storage pool with multiple NVRs and servers.

Low total cost of ownership
Moreover, the RAID units are connected directly through existing 1Gb network environment, saving another cost of a SCSI or SAS HBA installed into the DVR traditionally.


Feature Highlight Application
- Volume sharing amont multiple hosts or devices - Retail
- Multiple Nodes / Multiple LUN0 - Banking
- RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 - Transportation
- On-line volume migration - Correction
- JBOD expansion - Education
- Web UI management - Gaming
- Quick installation - Public Safety
- S.E.S. in-band monitor  
- Notifications through multiple interfaces  



Equipments Used In Topology

• Intel or AMD x64-based server, installed with NVR or H/W NVR
• IP Cameras
SS-6603E or SS-4503E iSCI RAID System