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Enterprise Solutions

Today’s enterprise are facing the growing need to store and secure there critical data long-term and assuring it remains highly available for disaster recovery and in a cost-effective, easily scalable environment. The biggest challenges companies face with storage management today are the complexity of managing different operation systems, how to make a full storage utilization, and the need to support RAID Storage and data protection requirements at remote and branch offices. <more>

Digital Content

The content creation industry is shifting to an all digital world in which not only content is created and stored digitally but is also driven for high-bandwidth distribution. This shift is taking place all across the industry of all intermediate facilities. MaxTronic specializes in DAS, SAN, which are the key elements for the creating and storing of post, film and broadcast markets. The SAN ready solutions tailored for multi-streams, multi-clients, uncompressed SD/HD/2K real time production workflow. Support multiple users, to store stream massive HD content and fulfill the needs of unpredictable capacity growth. The DAS solutions react on the need for performance and cost concern for small to mid-sized production house and perfectly match the trend to archive the content digitally. <more>


The demand for storage capacity to record Video Surveillance image is growing at an unprecedented rate driven by increasing high resolution cameras and longer data retention polices.

In recent years, video surveillance has shifted from analogue to digital data archiving; which recording streams via digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) to external storages with RAID features data protection.

Furthermore, critical record would request infrastructure like storage area network (SAN) to achieve performance, scalability and reliability. Arena offers a complete range of DAS/SAN solutions to meet the critical requirement of modern video surveillance application; various features are tailored for it and various configurations can fulfill different demand. <more>