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Global-Net is a standalone graphic user interface RAID management application. It is OS-independent, cross-platform RAID mangement application that allows remote configuration and monitoring of RAID systems directly connected to a LAN.

Installation of Global-Net is easy, allowing you to be setting up and monitoring your RAID products quickly and efficiently.

Remote Monitoring

• Remote Monitoring allows administrators to oversee RAID status globally in mission-critical application
• OS-Independent, platform-transparent
• Configure and monitor the RAID by using any standard internet browser.

RAID Management

• Re-configures RAID
• Hosts ID-setting
• Slices partition, Lun Mapping
• Supports multiple RAID setups

Status Monitoring

• Auto detects multiple devices connected to web server
• Displays array configuration, drive model and capacity
• Monitors physical drives, temperature and fan
• Displays drive status (on line, spare) and indicates failed-drive location

Event Display and Notification

• Displays and records events in real-time
• Notifies failures via email, SNMP, or winpop


Global-Net 2.0 for Windows
Global-Net 2.0 for Linux
Global-Net User Manual
Global-Net 2.0 Install Guide for Fedora Core 2