Active Network Systems Ltd

RAIDGuard Central

The RAIDGuard Central utility is an easy-to-use, centralized management application which helps users to detect and manage all the alert message and event logs generated from Arena RAID systems. The benefit of using RAIDGuard Central utility as follows:

Central Management of multiple RAID units

Installation the RAIDGuard Central in the servers would allow managing multiple RAID units connecting to the same servers.

Record of complete event log
The event log generated from the RAID system can be stored on the server automatically to reduce the risk of losing event data from the system NVRAM.

Easy extract of event log
Event logs could be exported to htm files for management and analysis by using simple commands.

Instant event log notification via MSN
Integrate the notification with most popular IM service, MSN Messenger to transfer event messages, help users to get the instant alert message from the RAID systems in case of any failure happened.

Multiple platforms support
The RAIDGuard Central utility compatible with wide ranges of operation platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Support Model: SA-4551S, SA-6651S/E, SS-4551E, SS-4552E, SS-6651E, SS-6652E, SS-4501E/R, SS-6601E/R, SS-6602E/R, SS-6603E/R, SS-8801E/R, SS-8802E/R, SA-8850S, SS-6603E/R, SA-4503R, TS-4801R