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Tosibox Plug-and-Play Remote Access Device

What is Tosibox?

Tosibox is a patented information automation device that enables easy, cost effective and secure remote access between internet connections. The internet connection is converted into direct, protected tunnel between two terminal device.

What does Tosibox Do?

Tosibox automatically creates a tunnel over internet, between the two terminal device. The typical use cases are with Industry-PCs, Human-Machine-Interfaces, Programmable Logic Controls, Real Estate Automation, IP-Cameras, Computers and Servers.

Security in Data Transfer

Special care has been taken to maximize the data security of Tosibox, which is the best on the remote access market. Tosibox requires neither port openings nor modifications in the firewall. Tosibox connects to the Internet via a direct encrypted connection that works automatically. There is no need to open firewalls. With Tosibox user can be sure to have full control of information and connections. The encrypted connection is as safe as logging into the bank.


How does Tosibox Work?

You only need electrical power and the internet connection. No special knowledge is needed for the deployment of Tosibox:

1. Serialise the Tosibox key to Tosibox lock.

2. Take Tosibox lock to remote location and connect power and internet cable.

3. Connect the controlled equipment into Tosibox lock with a cable or wireless LAN.

4. Attach Tosibox key to your user terminal, eg. a laptop computer and open the Tosibox application software.

Tosibox Deployment

Tosibox automatically creates a connection from the office, home or while travelling, over the internet to the remote control location - securely. The remote access is available from anywhere, to anywhere, any time between the pair of devices.

To deploy Tosibox remote access these things are needed:

  • Tosibox-lock
  • Tosibox-key
  • Internet access
  • Up to 5 minutes

For the deployment of Tosibox remote access these things are not needed:

  • Fixed IP-address
  • Corporate level internet access
  • Firewall openings
  • Expert support
  • Service solutions
  • Dynamic name service
  • Modem and router updates
  • Up to 16 hours

Download Brochures

Tosibox Brochure
Tosibox Manual V1.0
Tosibox Manual V2.0 (Beta)
Tosibox Default Settings