• Ordering

    ANS offers standard 30-day credit terms to United Kingdom Education and Research Institutions on receipt of an official purchase order.

    Other customers may be offered credit terms upon receipt of an official purchase order and subsequent to a credit check, or an account may be set up in advance.

  • Terms and Conditions

    1.0. Interpretation
    1.1 ‘ANS’ means Active Network Systems Ltd.
    1.2 ‘Customer’ means the person, business or company with whom the Contract is made by ANS.
    1.3 ‘Contract’ means the contract between ANS and the Customer.
    1.4 ‘Working Days’ means Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England.

    2.0. General
    2.1. These conditions are subject to company law in England and Wales and ANS and the Customer submit to non-exclusive binding.
    2.2. These conditions shall be deemed incorporated into all contracts unless specifically modified in writing.

    3.0. Terms of Payment
    3.1. Payment shall be made in full, on delivery of the products or services, or within thirty (30) days if specifically agreed in writing.
    3.2. The Customer understands that ANS will exercise the statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the current late payment legislation if not paid according to these terms.

    4.0. Title of Goods
    4.1. Goods supplied by ANS to the Customer shall remain the property of ANS until paid for in full.
    4.2. Goods supplied by ANS to the Customer but not yet paid for will be stored such that they are identifiable as belonging to ANS.
    4.3. Where goods that were supplied by ANS to the Customer but not yet paid for, have been resold, the proceeds (or the portion of proceeds owing to ANS) shall be held on trust and identifiable as belonging to ANS and shall not be paid into overdrawn bank accounts.
    4.4. ANS has the right for its representatives to enter premises in the ownership or control of the Customer to reclaim goods supplied but not paid for. 

    5.0. Short Delivery, Damaged Goods and Returns Policy
    5.1. ANS shall not be liable for shortages or damaged goods unless the Customer informs ANS in writing within 14 days.
    5.2. The Customer has the right to return equipment within 14 days of reporting it to have been supplied in faulty or damaged condition.
    5.3. The Customer shall obtain a Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) from ANS for any goods to be returned. The RMA will be valid for 14 days.
    5.4. The Customer does not have the automatic right to return goods that have been ordered and correctly supplied.

For further information on ordering or indeed to place an order, please call Sales on 01778 345881 or send an email by clicking here