• F9541, MF666, G9146, NF467

    DELL PART NUMBERS: F9541, MF666, G9146, NF467
    ACCEPTS: 3.5″ SAS / SATA drives
    PowerEdge: 1900; 1950; 1955; 2900; 2950; 2970; 6850 R; 6900; 6950; 840; 860; R300; R900; R905; T300; T605
    PowerVault: DP100, NF100, DP600, NF600, DP600, PE2900, MD1000, MD1120, MD3000, MD3000i, NF600, NX1950, PV500, NF500, PV840, PV100

    NOTE: SATA disks should to be fitted using the SAS fixing screw holes and they will function without dual-path redundancy with dual controllers. For redundancy use DELL-FK-SATA caddies which have the redundant path interposer card fitted. Although it looks similar, this caddy is different to DELL-FK-POWSATA and to DELL-FK-POW220F.

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