• A3C40058359, A3C40092312, A3C40058356.

    FUJITSU PART NUMBERS: A3C40058359, A3C40092312, A3C40058356.
    ACCEPTS: 2.5″ hot swap disk caddies for SCSI, SAS or SATA
    COMPATIBILITY: PRIMERGY Tower Servers: C150, C200, F200, F250, H200, H250, H400, H450, TX100 S1-S2, TX120 S1-S2, TX140, TX150 S1-S7, TX200 S1-S6, TX300 S1-S7, TX600 S1-S3.
    PRIMERGY Rack Servers: L100, L200, N200, N400, N800, P200, P250, R540, S30, SC30, T850, Econel 230R S1, RX100 S1-S7, RX200 S1-S7, RXI300, RX300 S1-S6, RX330 S1, RXI600 S1-S5, RX800 S1-S2, RX900 S1.
    Primergy Blade Servers: BX400 S1, BX600 S1-S3, BX620 S1-S6, BX630 S1-2, BX900 S1, BX920 S1-S2, BX922 S1-S2, BX924 S1-S2, BX960 S1.
    ETURNUS Storage Systems: DX60, DX80, DX90, CS800S2, UDS3000.

    NOTES: FS-FK-05 is an earlier version of FS-FK-06. The two products are interchangeable and differ only in the release catch style and colour.

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