• IBM-FK-NET5600

    Hot swap or removable disk drive fitting kit for IBM Netfinity e Series and x Series servers: 3500, 4500R, 5100, 5600, 6000R, 7100, 7600, 8500 & EXP 20, EXP200, EXP300.

    X Series: x206*, x220, x225, x226*, x230, x232, x235, x236*, x306*, x336*, x240, x250, x255, x300, x320, x330, x335, x340, x343, x345, x346, x360, x365, x382, x445, x455, DS300, DS400, DS6000, DS8000 (* SCSI disks only).

    Corresponds to IBM Part Number 00N7281.

    NOTE: this caddy is physically identical to the IBM-FK-FAS below except for the rear connector.

    Also available in 1.6″ (Half Height) version corresponding to IBM Part Number 07K5980.

    This caddy corresponds to the “Ultra 160 tray” as opposed to the “Ultra 320 Old tray” and Ultra 320 New tray”. Note that Ultra 160 tray fits machines which were originally fitted with Ultra 320 Old trays. To check further details of which caddies fit which machines, follow the link and scroll down to the Server matrix. down to the Server matrix.S5300, DS6800, DS8100, DS8300, DS8700, DS8800, EXP395, EXP420, EXP810, EXP2512, EXP2500 (2512), EXP3000 (3012), EXP3500 (3512).