DataLocker SafeConsole Central Management

  • DataLocker SafeConsole Central Management

  • DataLocker SafeConsole Central Management

  • Instantly gain complete and granular control over all of your encrypted USB flash drives and portable hard drives with the SafeConsole central management server software:

    Achieve compliance for USB storage and portable drive usage, with full control and audit.
    Keep the productivity benefits of USB storage devices – without the risks of malware, data leaks and breaches.
    Available as an on-premise software or as a DataLocker hosted cloud service with worldwide locations.

    • Control: Enforce policies such as password rules, file-type restrictions or geographic boundaries. Reset passwords, switch endpoints into readonly mode, and even remotely wipe them in case of loss or theft.
    • Inventory: Monitor all your encrypted endpoints, including their location anywhere in the world. Integrate with Active Directory to track users, assigned devices and connected computers with ease.
    • Audit: See which files are saved to or deleted from your encrypted endpoints at any given moment. Use a complete audit trail by user, including connections, login failures, resets and loss reports.
    • Report: Centrally handle the state of the devices over the internet, setting them as disabled or lost-even perform factory resets remotely. Disable a user in AD and their devices are automatically disabled.
  • DataLocker SafeConsole Central Management

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