Disk Drives

ANS offers matched replacement and upgrade drives, we can source any hard drive for any system with a guaranteed 100% compatibility. We have established relationships with all major hard drive suppliers/manufacturers, therefore we only supply high quality hard drives in all our solutions.

  • HDD

    For low cost, high availability

    Lowest cost storage
    Long established interfaces and formats
    Wide availability/choice
    Increased capacity and easy upgrade for
    legacy/ obsolete systems.

  • SSD

    Fast and durable

    Boot in seconds/reduced access wait times
    Launch apps faster/ultra-fast
    Virtually no noise
    Lower operating temperature
    Safeguard against power loss

  • SED

    For high security

    Self Encrypted Drives SSD / HDD
    Protect against loss of sensitive information
    Easy to deploy
    Avoid breach notification
    Secures BOYD and MDM

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