DataLocker DL3 FE

  • DataLocker DL3 FE

  • DataLocker DL3 FE

  • The portableDL3FE hard drive with enhanced data security

    The DL3 FE (FIPS Edition) sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage. The DL3FE is the world’s first external hard drive utilising 2 pass, cascading encryption. The DL3 FE utilises two independent crypto engines each using a random, unique 256 bit keys to encrypt your data first with 256 bit AES XTS mode algorithm and then sequentially with the 256 bit AES CBC mode algorithm. Each bit of stored data is encrypted twice with two independent keys which never leave

    Key Features:

    • Absolutely no software or drivers
    • Supports alpha and numeric based passwords, plus the # and * characters
    • Optional RFID based 2-factor authentication
    • 2-pass encryption: first pass is 256 bit AES XTS mode; second pass is FIPS 140-2 validated 256-bit AES CBC mode.
    • Self-destruct security mode (mitigate brute force hacking)
    • Keypad randomisation (mitigate fingerprint lifting)Super-speed USB 3.0 interface (compatible with USB 2.0)
    • Rapid secure wipe (rapid key zeroisation)Supports an administrator password (full permissions) and a user password (limited permissions)
    • Removable silicone protective guard
    • NEW FEATURE– Read Only Mode – Allows the device administrator to lock the drive as “Read Only”, users can only view the contents but cannot change or erase it.
    • NEW FEATURE – Auto-Lock – Allows the device administrator to set a timer which disconnects the drive after a set period of inactivity.
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